Dalian Image Art College has eight professors/associate professors, eight lectures and 10 assistant lecturers. Eighty percent of the staffs have post graduate degrees and all have professional experience in the industry.  The college also has long-standing relationships with a number of key international academics and professionals who make regular visits to the university.

Dean of the College: Li Yi

Li graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts with a photography degree and then went on to work as an advertising photographer. In 1994 he returned to Luxun to complete an MA. He joined the teaching staff at Dalian Medical University in 2000. Li has exhibited his documentary work in Japan as well as spending 3 months there completing research and teaching. He has published over 30 articles in various photographic and art based magazines and is currently a special correspondent for Image Material and Chinese Photography magazines. He has also completed a number of photography books including, The 20th Century Document, Photography of China, and Photographing Family.

MA Photography Course Leader (in association with the University of Bolton, UK): D J Clark

With ten years experience as a news photographer, DJ has worked for numerous newspapers and news agencies around the world. In 1995 he established Folly Gallery in Lancaster, UK where he worked as the director for four years. His published work includes one photography book and numerous research articles on photojournalism in the developing world. He recently curated the Imaging Famine exhibition, publication and website with  The Guardian (September 2005) for which he was awarded a Churchill travelling fellowship in 2003. He has run photography workshops for the British Council, Asian Centre of Journalism and World Press Photo frequently travels to lecture on the new global image economy.


Documentary Photography
Professor: Li YI, Zhu Xinyun
Lectures: Zhao Xin, Sun Ying

Commercial Photography
Associate Professor: He Dongxiang
Lecturer: Sun Jiaxun
Professor: Zhang Zhiming
Lecturer: Zhao Yang

Visual Communication
Associate Professor: Cao Jianli
Lecturer: Zhang Nan,  Liu Tao,Sun Xiaoxin, Yan Xudan, Liu Liwei,

Image Design
Senior Lecture: Qi Li
Lecture: Liu Zhijin, Sun Xiaoguang, Zhang Chao,
Du Meiyi, Yangjun, Zhang Tianyi, Li feng


Senior Lecturer: Lin Bozhi
Lecturer: Yang Yusheng, Zhu Xinyun
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