BA Courses

1 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism
This course offers students the opportunity to understand the features of documentary photography and emphasizes both theory and practice. It develops creativity and works alongside the masters course in the same subject to utilize international expertise and partnerships giving students excellent exposure to both the domestic and international image market. Students in this pathway have won numerous awards in China.

2 Commercial Photography
This course is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in commercial photography, particularly in commercial product photography and advertising photography. The course is delivered through a combination of study and a series of practical assignments. It aims to foster strong skills in photography and develop an understanding of advertising communication.

3 Multimedia
Multimedia has accelerated the development of photography and is becoming a booming industry in the area of photography. This pathway offers an ideal opportunity for students to participate in the world’s newest and fastest growing technology. All aspects of multimedia are delivered through the course including web design, film, sound, 3D as well as photography.

4 Image design
This course encourages students to explore the potential of image design. It develops their ability to create corporate identity and design different characters for films. It demands students not only understand the general image design but also catch up with the development of economy.

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