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Dalian College of Image art was founded by Dalian Medical University and Suzuki Tokyo Inc. in 1993. It continues to be supported by Suzuki Tokyo Inc.

The college runs two departments, photography and art & design. Between them they run undergraduate degrees in documentary photography/photojournalism, commercial photography, multimedia, image design and visual communication and one post graduate degree in photography (international photojournalism, documentary and travel photography). The college also has its own research centre and extensive laboratories, studios and darkrooms.

The photography department was one of the first of its kind in China and has developed into one of the largest photo education departments in the world. Cooperation with the university of Bolton, UK, has led to the only photography masters degree in China. This course is well known globally and has fostered a group of excellent international students.

In 2007 Dalian Medical University moved to a new campus in Lushun and a new purpose built building. This we believe is the biggest of its kind in the world  housing one 400 square metre studio, four 100 square metre studios, four darkrooms, one light room, two dressing rooms for formative design, one sewing room, two film editing rooms, two computer rooms, one physical training room and one laboratory.

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